Сообщения за Апрель, 2015

About the future of Maxthon... Just thoughts...

Rumored that Maxthon has already "thinks" about the MX5. Is it surprise? No. MX3 was released in autumn 2010, MX4 was released in December 2012. It’s time for MX5. Usually Maxthon listens nobody, but now they asked users: “What you would like to see in MX5? What functions of MX are not necessary in new version?”. But will Maxthon listen to these answers? As with AdHunter, which they just killed? Or as problem with HTML5 on YouTube, with was fixed after 1 year?!
I’m with Maxthon long time and I began to think about MX5 ... And I see 5 possible scenarios.

1. MX3  MX4  MX5 What is MX4? It's just MX3 with cool synchronization. And without old skins... for a few months. Now MX4 have skins, but does not have website with skins. Perhaps, MX5 will differ from the MX4 only a trifle. Maybe they will add instant messenger (via Maxthon Passport) and will call it “social” browser. Users ask for this feature very often.
Will users be happy to see this step? I do not think so…