Сообщения за Июль, 2015

The story of one skin developer...

One guy (I don't remember his name) began to use Maxthon Browser? Some time ago... I don't know when exactly. And I don't know how much time passed before this guy realized that he wanted to make this browser better. At one time I started my work from extensions, but this guy chose the path of skins developer.

As time went on he made his first skin. Nice, but... Something was wrong. It looked nice, but not all users like things in interface, what he used. Maxthon Skins don't support any settings. What he should do in this situation?

He made the next skin, very similar to the first, but with minor changes. But these skins still have specific features. And he made several variants of the first skin, they were similar, but different. These skins could be popular in Skin Center, but Maxthon don't have Skin Center for MX4, only for MX3.

As time went on and our character made his second, third skins. And he made several versions of the new skins of course. But Maxthon wa…

How to add new features to Maxthon via user scripts?

Extensions for Maxthon it's like games for PlayStation3: they are almost non-existent. Almost all Maxthon extensions are not extansions, it's just links and bookmarklets. But it's enough for me.

We will talk how to make your own extensions for Maxthon, but not today.  Today we talk how to use the browser if your usual extension does not exist for this browser. And I want to explain this with an example of the popular in Russia SaveFrom.Net downloader. You can use SaveFrom.Net Helper for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex.Browser, but you cannot for Maxthon. On Maxthon Browser we have only SaveFrom.Net Download Button. It works via bookmarklet, but it's not full extension, when you looking for SaveFrom.Net Helper, you hope to find another things.
And what can you do with this problem on Maxthon?

Our Chinese friend Lonely Atom and his extension ViolentMonkey will help you!
Download and install this extension from Maxthon Extension Center (wokrs only with MX4…