Another Maxthon bug: file system error

Almost 15 months I create extensions for Maxthon. About 10 months I complain of constant bugs of browser and websites designed to make life of its users easier. In my opinion, it's just disrespectful to the people who feed you. Cause any browser earning is search requests. Will Google and Yandex pay if the browser very cool integrated their search, but nobody use it? I doubt...

If you try to load something Extensions Center you very often see: "File system error, please try again". Does not matter, that's extension of just screenshot. And your browser does not matter. I tried on Maxthon, Firefox and Opera. 

Try again. And again... and again...Have I ever told you what is madness?
If you nevertheless upload your extension on website,you cannot be sure that it's true. File may be damaged. But you will not know about it.

This problem is actual for a couple of weeks. But Maxthon is not in a hurry to fix it. 

This is madness!

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