Opera returns to innovation: build-in Ad-Blocker, popup video, power saving and VPN

As you know a few years ago Opera Software change browser engine from own Presto to WebKit. That's not so bad, but new based on WebKit Opera became Chromium. Why?! For many users it was the beginning of the end... Just another Chromium-based browser with Opera Turbo... As Yandex.Browser... without Table, translator, reader, etc. Did we really need that?

As we told already if Opera want to be someone important, they have to work very fast. You can not make a few small changes and test it 2 months on Developers and 2 months on Beta channels. Because users dont' want to wait 4 months for new Recommended only! We need features! You took old Opera features, we want to return it back! How long will we wait? If you want to have more time for test with no users complaint, you have to make something big... something great!

Rumor, Opera is sold to some Chinese companies...
Is this a bad news for us? I think yes... I thought so... But... Free VPN, build-in Ad-Blocker, power saving mode for laptop battery and popud video for YouTube. Does Opera came back on the path of innovation?

Look on last builds of Opera:
  • New UI. Finally I can remove search box from New Tab page. I have no ideas why someone need search bar under smart address bar. But after these months we can just remove it from Speed Dial. Finally! And look on new Recommended. First time I can imagine that I'll want to use the Recommended. First time I really looked what Recommended is and did not close it after a few seconds. I think all "recommendations" in the web is just ads, but Opera make it potentially useful.
  • Popup video. You open video, but you have no time for this. But you want... And what do you do? You just listen the sound track and change tabs from time to time. But if you use Opera you can watch video from YouTube in popup window. How many browsers can do this? I know only one: Maxthon. And MX popup can more, but popup in Opera looks cuter. But why YouTube only?
  • Build-in Ad-Blocker for heavy ads. Of course, EasyList and EasyPrivacy works not perfectly without other lists for many countries, but... Why not? If it will remove bright blinking Flash animation it will be enough for me. And blocked 10K ads and trackers this week are not so bad!
  • Free unlimited VPN for all users. I don't think that everyone needs it, and I don't ready to sign up somewhere and pay for traffic, but... If I have free VPN in browser and I don't need to register, I'll use it. And I think almost all users too.
  • Power saving mode for laptop battery. If it's ready work and if it really save about 50% battery life... we really need it! Because laptop is portable computer, but not computer working without sockets! And why only for battery? If you made somethink for power saving, you can make this for all PC. We really need lightweight web browserб because MX Nitro is almost dead already...

These are really great features and this is really great work!
And now I really believe, that Opera Team can make cool innovative browser. Again...
Of course these features work not perfectly. But look back: what did Opera developers make for a few years? Almost nothing! And what did they make for a few last months?! I do not remember, but I think that tab mute was invented for Opera browser firstly too! Or not?

Opera is not perfect browser, but we don't have any perfect. Opera Software is great company, many people trust Opera only because this is Opera! I'm not a Opera fan, I loved old Opera, but I loved old Maxthon more. And today I see that new Opera reinvents old Maxton's features. Is it cool? Yep... For Opera, but not for MX. I know many people who began to use MX4 when Opera on WebKit was released. And I'm afraid that tomorrow, if MX5 will not be so cool as it have to be, many people will change MX to new Opera.

But... Do not rush to bury Maxthon! Years ago MX Team created innovative browser, no less innovative than Opera. All what Opera can do today and will be able to do tomorrow, MX can do for many years. And many new Opera's features worked in MX for a long time and worked better! Compare? Of course! But not today...

That's all...
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