Maxthon's Affiliates Program: How MX helped own ambassador to win in own contest

Do you remember about Maxthon's affiliates program?

I'll remind. If you like something, you'll recommend it to your friends. But if you too lazy for this, you need some motivation. And Maxthon gave you this motivation: affiliates program. Just make you own affiliate link and give it to your friends. And maybe (if many people download MX from your link) Maxthon will pay you for help. 

Good? Good!

But now affiliates program is closed. I talked with support agent on PostAffiliatePro and he said that MX just does not pay the bills (I hid his real name on screenshot and used only first letters of his name): 

But this is not so important for us today. All affiliates links work via, but this website does not work for months. So absolutely all affiliate links are useless! Maxthon just don't use this more and don't pay for this. Logically!

But today we really talk not about this. This is realy does not matter! Today our story is more fun! But all what you can read here is only rumors, guesses and conjectures. No proofs exist. Only imagination!

Many years ago Maxthon had ambassadors program. Ambassador is official representative of Maxthon in this country. Some like web-evangelist now. These persons tried to attract new users, but all what they did is only their responsibility. If ambassador invited a lot of new users, great! But if he made something "bad", it's only his fault. Maxthon never will apologies for this!

Internet has no limits. But internet is not so uniform. In different countries internet has own features, peculiarities and differences. For example, Maxthon had problems with YouTube for a long time, but all MX developers lived in China, where YouTube is blocked very often. If you want to have many users in any country you have to know how this people use the web. And you can not do it alone, you need help with this!

Yandex is the partner of Maxthon in Russian and CIS. Not all so good with Yandex's reputation, but... OK. Yandex. Why not? Maxthon uses Yandex's Safe Browsing API in browser for Russian-speaking users. And Maxthon added Yandex's services in special MX build for Russia and CIS: search, map, market, taxi, etc. Some of this things (for example, search) is really needed for Russian users, but taxi and other services are not so popular and need advertising. Mutually beneficial cooperation.

So Maxthon made special build of own browser for Russia and CIS: Safe Browsing API, Yandex's search and services. What else? What else new users need? Official community in quick access of course! But Russian speak only Russian and Maxthon has only English communuty. What can MX do? 

And Maxthon added in official Russian MX build Quick Access unofficial MX pages, which were created by ex-ambassador in Russia. Russian users complained of malware published on these pages and MX refused to accept own responsibility: "This page is unofficial!". But now it does not matter: now Maxthon need any Russian pages about browser to add it in special Russian build.

So... Maxthon advertised unofficial Russian-speaking community and websites. For free. And Maxthon did not look at the reputation of these websites. When MX made special Russian build, unofficial MX page in VK had less than 1K users (after many years of existence), but now this is 7K users (after year of link in special MX build). I don't add link for these pages here, you can find it without problems. And there you can see who is these pages administator. This is ex-ambassador of Maxthon in Russian. And he received great benefit from special Maxthon build. Fake Maxthon pages is main source of money for him now!

OK. So what we know now?
  • Maxthon advertised unofficial Russian MX pages for free and attracted 6K new users there.
  • Maxthon organized affiliates contest to attract new users in browser.
  • Probable owner of these fake pages won in this contest and Maxthon pay him.

In this way Maxthon made all work and won in own cotest, but paid someone else for this. Why not? But if you have money for this why you don't pay PostAffiliatePro? By the way, your winner repeatedly offered me MX gifts as reward for my work in his groups. I know him many years and I don't thinl that he spend own money for this. 

- Hey, man. You're administrator of your fans page. We want to support you. Take this gift and think how you can use this. Contests, promotions, reward etc.
- OK. Maybe. Maybe not. Don't know now. Just give it!

Of course, this is a trifle. This is just T-shirts, backpacks, bottles. Does not matter what administrators will do with this: compete or take himself. Does not matter how this administrator won in this contest: fairly or he used "administrative resource", which Maxthon gave him (but he just published own affiliates links as official updates). Only Maxthon's well-being is important! But MX closed and affiliates program, MX added stupid Search addon for Google CSE for all users and Maxthon began to show ads in Quick Access. Your business is not so good... But if you don't have spare money, why do you spend so much to garbage?

That's all...
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