Popular Twitch channel is blocked because of publication on other website

Maddyson is popular video blogger from Russia. He made video about PC games from 2008. He had own show on TV and was a host in a few Russian interactive shows. Maddyson today is one of the persons who can make game project popular on start. And his channel on Twitch is blocked now.

What happened?
November, 18:
Maddyson said about some problems with Twitch: when he tries to broadcast game with high bitrate, Twitch moderator disables the broadcast and sends emails about "violation of the service rules". All of these letters were from one moderator and Maddyson is confident that this moderator is just biased, he don't like him and trying to find any pretext to block the channel.

When Madysson wrote about this in VK, his fans began to write in the chat of this moderator. And after this publication the channel has been blocked for "systematic violations of the rules, insults, racism and disclosure of confidential information".

Why this moderator don't like popular Russian blogger so much?
And why does he try to kill his channel? 

Maddyson thisnk that this is only because of relations between Russia and Ukraine (this moderator live in Ukraine), but it does not matter. But... when the moderator was accused of nationalism, he immediately denied this in twitter. He wrote that he don't see any differences between Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russian... in English.

What do we know and what are we sure?
We know that channel had problems with
broadcast in high quality, other not so popular channels don't have this problems. We know that Maddyson write about this in VK and his channel was blocked. And we don't know any cases of disclosure of confidential information, exept support@twitch.tv and nick name of the moderator. It means that channel was really blocked because of publication in VK. The moderator really blocked channel only because he don't like some of publication on other website.

And what is the most stupid in this story?
Now Maddyson have to write in Twitch support. He lives in Russia, so he have to write to Russian support. But Russian Twitch support is the moderator who removed his channel.
Vicious circle...

Why did I write it?Because I have the same problems with Maxthon.
That's all...

"Ukrainian moderator blocked Maddyson on Twitch" (Russian article)
If you really intrested in this, you can try to translate it via Yandex, Google, Bing or Promt.

UPD: These guys wrote the story in English better. 


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