Lawlessness in Maxthon. Part 2: Removal and return of my extension

November, 4: Sebaro updated SaveTube script, so I update SaveTube for Maxthon Browser. And I check for another scripts updates. This weekend I updated YouTube Links, YouTube Tools, Disable Youtube HTML5 Player, add-ons for Google+, Twitter and VK, and this sunday I fixed Turkish in Symbaloo and Symbaloo Light. It was long and boring work...

November, 9: I opened Extensions Center and what I saw? 
Only Symbaloo and Symbaloo Light have been approved. I don't know who is responsible for moderation in Extensions Center, but he should know two things:
  • he have only 80 characters to explain the reasons for rejection
  • he can explain the reason only for one rejection
Technically, I do not know why my extensions were rejected. I know only why update for YouTube Links wes rejected:

Because of links to my blog. This blog. In other words, Maxthon developers prohibited developers of extensions to post any feedback links in own extensions. But many developer do this. Is it prohibition for all developers? No, that' only about me. Just Maxthon Team does not like my blog. I write about bugs which can not be fixed and moderators who break their own rules. That's not cool for reputation. So they try to shup me up. And thay did it. They won.

They won because this in not only rejected updates. Rejected updates are not so important: I can just make all required changes and upload it again. They not only rejected these updates, they removed these extensions. They removed extensions with several tens of thousands users! And this is Maxthon, the browser which has only 3K of uploaded and 2K of available extensions! For 5 years of existence!

OK. Maybe maybe intern did it. Let's go on forum and ask some of BugSirs about this:

It's a lie. All this extensions was not available from 9 to 16 November. If Maxthon moderator rejected update old version will be available. But what if I'll just ignore it? He want to be sure that I removed link to my blog. So he removed popular my extension. It's all.

I agree, "Lawlessness in Maxthon and return of default home page in my extensions" tells about Maxthon from the unpleasant side. But all what I wrote in that post is true. Every word! I agree, this story is shame for MX Team and story about banned skins developer too. But I think that Maxthon administration shoud solve the situation, but not removed all mention of this. Now MX Team know about problems and have all proofs. They have to punish the guilty, but instead they are trying to zip the lip of witnesses.

I already removed the link to that post from all these extensions. But I added link to my "Developer's blog" and I have the right to do this: just look on another popular extensions. Almost all developers have link to own blog in own extensions.

That's not only my problem. Many developers of extensions for Maxthon Browser are faced with incomprehension and arrogance of moderators. Developer of one great extension for Maxthon (who taught me to do many things) stopped making new extensions. One of the best skin developer left Maxthon for Chrome, because MX still does not have Skins Center for MX4 and "someone" just stealing his skins from the official forum. And this is not the first time when MX moderator rejected my extension for far-fetched reasons. Do you still have question "Why does Maxthon have so few extensions?"?

That's all...

But why now? Why not this summer or next spring?
I don't know... But look on this:
a few weeks ago I began to publish own extensions on MX forum. I call it "Translated Weekend". Every user can help me to translate my add-on in athother languages. And last week the founder of Maxthon Jeff Chen began to comment publications on the forum

What if MX moderators are just afraid that he'll see one of these publications, install one of these extensions and see the publication about lawlessness in his company?

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