YouTube issue: problems with AdBlock and Opera Turbo 2.0

YouTube is the largest video hosting and Google gets a lot of money from advertising on this service. But with each passing day more and more users use the extension to filter advertising. No one this user don't see ads and Google will not get money for these user. And what Google should think about AdBlock extensions?

A few weeks ago I noticed that some YouTube videos can not be played in some browsers: I saw infinite loading or just error. Your chance to meet this issue will be more if you try to change the quality.

It looks as if ads, what have to be played before video, was blocked and the video is not downloaded. I used AdBlock for Chrome, AdBlockPlus for Firefox and AdGuard for Yandex.Browser. That's why I know that this is ABP lists issue. AdGuard use own rules and you don't have this trouble on YouTube. So this is problem for users of AdBlockPlus, AdBlock and other ABP-based extensions.

This is old problem, but big magazines and websites noticed the problem only this week. As AdBlockPlus head of operations Ben Williams told VentureBeat: "We’re looking into what the problem might be, but at the moment it would appear to be an issue on YouTube’s side. Let’s hope for a speedy solution".

But this is not so important for us today. Today we talk about YouTube issue, which presents a problem for Opera users only. Every Opera user has this bug, but not every notices that something is wrong. I don't know details, so I need your help to give most detailed report to Opera developers. Team know about troubles, but they don't know why it happens. So we really need your help.

What am I trying to say?
You can not play YouTube video in Opera if you use Turbo 2.0!

But you use Opera Trubo and watch video on YouTube every day... or not?
Not. You think that you use Turbo. Just do this and check:
  1. Open Opera browser.
    Are you sure that you did not change the settings on opera://flags? You should use default setttings, I'll explain why, but now just do it.
  2. Go in Menu and check Opera Turbo. Turn it on. 
  3. Open
    HTTP, not HTTPS. Opera Turbo does not work with HTTPS!
    If you can not do this, just find Exit button and log out from your YouTube account. Restart browser and try again. 
  4. Open any video. 
  5. If you did all right (use HTTP and Turbo), only first seconds of the video will be loaded. You will see infinite loading and error as on screenshot above.

When I noticed this, I contacted with the Opera Team. With one Opera user we tested this on other PC with other OS: he had this problems too. It means that every Opera users has this bug, but only if he opened Most user use HTTPS connection for YouTube and don't know about problems.

Open YouTube in HTTP is not so easy! You can try log out and restart browser. After that you can open, and maybe you will see this bug. Guy, who help me, wrote about troubles with Turbo in guest YouTube account. But I don't have any problem as guest!

We tested it with the default settings. And as developers advised we tried to change some points in opera://flags. Now we know that you have trubles with YouTube video and Turbo only if you use Turbo 2.0 (enabled by default). But if you use old Turbo, you can watch video with no problem.
So this is Turbo 2.0 issue!

Thats all what we know now...
Tell me if you know something else...

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