All Maxthon problems because of... Unpopularity

If you made something popular, your life is good. That's cool. If you made something unpopular, you have some problems, your life is not so easy and that's not cool. This is very simlpe statement. But when I talk: "All Maxthon problems because of unpopularity", - I talk not about this. Your users are not just measure your popularity. Your users are your community. And this community can do more than you can do alone.

Look on Firefox...
One independent news website (domain zone .RU) used vulnerability in Firefox to steal private data of users from Russian and send it to Ukraine servers. One Firefox user noticed strange activity on this website and wrote about this to Firefox developers. Mozilla has released hot update and closed the vulnerability. A few hours and users can feel safe once again.

Is it possible in Maxthon?
Of course no. Every MX user knows how fast MX developer works. And every MX user knows how MX support works. And every MX user know what developers of "most secure browser" think about secure, safety, vulnerabilities and regular updates with hot fixes.

But how many users write about bugs and vulnerabilities? I don't think that only units do this. But I don't think that there are hundreds or thousands of these active users. Just think about this: if MX Team make mistake and add great vulnerabilities in the browser, will we know about this? Who will talk about this? Nobody...

I will show you...
A few days ago one of MX users from Russian wrote about this. Of course he wrote in Russian, so you should use Yandex.Translator if you want to read original. OK. Do you read this in Maxthon? Good. Just relax and do not move. What do you hear? Nothing... Only silence... Good. Move the mouse. What do you hear now? The noise of the hard disk. How many people have written about this? I don't know. But I think this is very old problem (but not for all websites). What can you do with this? Nothing. This is not about settings, this is about browser work. Will Maxthon Team fix it in MX5? I don't know too. But I hope on this...

What do I mean?
When µTorrent added BitCoin miner in own client, who told about this? µTorrent? No! Users! Users noticed this and write about it. Does Maxthon have users who can say about such cases? And does Maxthon have community, who really will listen about this?

Are you sure that your browser is absolutely safe? Are you sure that if developers make something "strange" they will notify you about this? Yea... Like with Search addon... Of course...
A few week ago one MX user from India wrote about buil-in malware on Maxthon's facebook page. I wrote about this, but I did not translate this post, so you have to use Yandex.Translator again. Maxthon agree that this is malware, but Maxthon denies that this is built-in malware. What should MX do it this in this situation? They should collect more information and find the source. What does MX do? Nothing. They just write: "This is not build-in virus! We never add viruses in MX! Perhaps you downloaded unofficial MX build". Maybe. But this is not the only case! Users wrote about DNS Unlocker on forum already. What did Maxthon's administration said? "This is not build-in. This virus is only your responsibility. We have no idea where you downloaded it". But this is not the question of responsibility, this is the question of MX reputation! And what will MX do to protect own reputation? Nothing. Again.

I will not write about "strange" Russian pages which open without your desires. Because MX's argument is very simple: "If this malware opens Russian pages, this is Russian malware. If this is Russian malware, you downloaded this MX build in fake Russian communities. If you download it in fake communities this is only your mistake and only your fault". Sure... But this is your reputation! What are you thinking about?

If Google add BitCoin miner, spy software or other malware in Google Chrome, every user will know about this! It will be sensation! Grandiose scandal! Google has so many users that they will never be able to do something in secret. If Maxthon add something "bad" in own browser, nobody will know about this and nobody will talk to you.

That's all...
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