Three big bugs which should be fixed before MX5 release

  • We spent a lot of time to talk about the situation on the Maxthon forum. And now we have progress. I really see that some moderators try to understand the case. And this is my gratitude for them. But if they really fix it, it will usefull for every user!

Three big bugs in MX4, which should be fixed before MX5 release:

1. Sidebar with sessions and private windows
Run any sidebar add-on. It works. Open new session or private window. Sidebar add-on is brocken. Close private window. Does the add-on work again? No. Now you can only restart your browser.
I don't know what you can do if you use sidebar on desktop. I think you should close all add-ons, hide sidebar and restart your broswer. Too many clicks for one bug.
More thoughts about sidebar here

2. Popup Blocker and reset of settings
This bug is very important for Russian-speaking users and all, who use VK and pre-search in MX.
MX users had the ability to disable web notification a few months ago. But developers remove this from settings. Why? I think, because this options did not work: if you turn web notification off, it will be enabled very soon. I think, developers just did not find the reason for this. But I found!
Popup Blocker reset your settings to
default from time to time.
What should you do now?

  • Open Menu → Settings → Web content and disable Popup Blocker.
  • Open the page of private messages in VK and disable notification in browser.
  • Open Menu → Settings →Address bar and disable pre-search results.
More about problems because of Popup Blocker here.

3. Multi-level menu is the cause of fatal error on start
This is more difficult. Imagine that you are add-ons developer and you try to make extension with menu in toolbar. If your extension has a few scripts for search, you can combine all searches in one group "Searches". It's logical. And you can use less space. But... It does not work!
Now you can use only one level in toolbar meny. N
o group, no hierarchy.

This is not users problem: they just don't know about this. This is not add-on developers problem: they just cannot do anything to fix it. This is the problem of MX developers. Only they can fix this. But they don't make extensions and perhaps they just don't know about this.

More about this issue in one of the next parts of "All Maxthon problems because of...". I'll try to add def.json for extension, witch can be cause of fatal error.

P.S. And if  the fifth version of Maxthon will really change the name, it should be called just MX5.
That's all...

Part of this issues has been fixed in MX 4.9 already.
Does it mean that someone in MX read this?

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