Just idea for Maxthon: Download later insted of Cloud downloads

  • Many users know Maxthon as Cloud browser and this is because of Cloud Download. It was one of the main MX4 features, but today cloud download is not available and you can't find it in MX5. Probably, support of this technology is too expensive for not so big company. But ability to save a file and download it later still may be useful for many users. And I have idea how Maxthon can return cool feature with no extra cost.

Download later instead of Cloud download:
Simple way to return popular feature 

Maxthon Cloud Browser was a favorite browser for many users. But these were new users, many of them did not know even that "Cloud Browser" is exactly MX4, not Maxthon in general. I think I don't like MX4, because Maxthon killed many usual MX3's features and for a long time tried to return it. But if we talk about Maxthon they refuse old features quite often. And they did it again when relesed MX5 without Cloud Downloads.

I understand why Maxthon removed Cloud Download and I hope you will understand it too. Cloud Download was supposed to attract new users, but it was too expensive: thousands (maybe millions) users stored gigabytes of almost useless files and didn't pay for this, but Maxthon did. That's why they did not add Cloud Download in MX5 (where you can save file in Maxnote). But Cloud Download was really cool feature and I think I know how to return it without any extra cost. I suggest replacing Cloud Download to Download Later, direct download links instead of whole files.

How Cloud Download worked:
  1. You found the file you need, but you can't (or just don't want) download it now.
  2. You use Cloud Download instead of usual download.
  3. Maxthon upload copy of this file to own servers.
  4. Now the file is available on all your devices.
  5. You can download the file anywhen.
Even if original file be removed, you still can download it, because Maxthon already made copy. I never used this feature, but I asked other users about this and they tell that such files will be available even if original file will not.

How to check that Cloud Download worked as cloud storage:
  1. Upload the file to the web.
  2. Use Cloud Download to upload the file to Maxthon Cloud.
  3. Remove original file.
  4. Try to doanload file from Maxthon server.
At least that's how it worked in the times of MX4. I'm not sure that this feature still works even with old version of MX4. But we need it to understand the main feature of Cloud Download: Maxthon makes the copy on own servers and you will download this copy, but not original file. This is not so serious problem if we talk about images, music or short video. But how many users used Cloud Downloads to save many big files?

I want to save this feature, but with less load on Maxthon servers. And I think Maxthon can use just link to the download, not whole files. It will not be Cloud Download, but title is not so importand. We can call it Download Later. 

How Download Later will work:
  1. You found the file you need, but you can't (or just don't want) download it now.
  2. You use Download Later instead of usual download.
  3. Maxthon save the link to download and sync it across all your devices.
  4. You can download the file anywhen.
This is very simple. Any link is about 1KB, so even if you will use this feature for hundreds or thousands of files, Maxthon have to sync several MBs.

All files what you wanted to download later will be available on all you devices. If you use popular website and file will not be removed after a few weeks, you willn't notice the difference. But difference is very big: Maxthon will not make any copy of any files and will not save it on own servers. So Download Later may be just a new poin of synchronization.

The only drawback is the uncertainty about the future. You save link only, but if original file is removed, this link will be useless. But today Cloud Download is dead technology, Maxthon removed it from MX5 and you can not use it anymore. So Dowload Later is not so bad choise... Because this is the only our choise!

How I see Download Later in Maxthon UI:
  1. Dowload Later is part of usual downloads. When you open Downloads, you see special tab - Download Later (as with old Cloud Downloads). Or scheduled download may be located in usual downloads and just be on pause. 
  2. Download Later works for all devices only if you use sync of downloads. Without sync you will see pending files olny on one device where you "save" this download.
  3. If you added new download for later and run Maxthon on other devices, browser should ask you "Do you want to download it now?". You can choose: "Yes, download now" or "No, download later". And we need "Don't ask again" flag here.
Anyway I thikn this is really simple idea and I don't know why other browser still did not add this feature (or I just don't know about this). This is not so difficult, but usefull for many users. 

That's all...
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