New users blogs on I'm disappointed!

  • Recently Vivaldi updated users blogs on It had to be great! I was already going to post there some tech publications in English. But when I tried to do this, I noticed that now the website does not have some usual (and sometimes necessary) features. So I'm very disappointed and that's why...

Update of users blogs on
I'm very disappointed!

You know how I feel about Vivaldi. This is the only developers team, who think about users. And this is worthy of respect, because many IT companies today have forgotten that users are their oxygen: they need users to be alive. And Vivaldi knows this. That's why they really listen own users and adds what their users need. And it's cool!

But recently Vivaldi updated users blogs on, made its more comfortable, more similar to other popular blogs platforms. It was the right move, because Vivaldi tried to make perfect place for community communication. But after this I noticed a few unpleasant things that disappoint me...

I wanted to see how Vidaldi's blogs work now. I visited, open My blog page and understood that I don't want to use this nickname for new blog. I opened Profile page to change nickname, but now this is impossible! I can change first and last names only. But other users even don't see these, they see nickname only and now I can't change it! Maybe I can change email? This is simple and sometime it's really necessary. Nope, I can not! Cool!

It was one of the main trouble with Firefox for me. There you can't change email too. If the website you used for registration is not available or is not trustworthy anymore, you can not change it. But there are two differences:
  • Firefox account is only for you. But Vivaldi uses your profile for blogs. This is slightly more public!
  • You could delete Firefox account and make new with other email or other nickname. Can you do this with Vivaldi? Nope!
In other words, after blogs udpate on you can not:
  • change your nickname
  • change your email you used for registration
  • delete your profile and create a new one
And more: when I found out that I can not change my nickname and email, but I have not noticed that I can not delete my profile, I hoped to do this and tried to delete my old comments before. And what do you think? I can not do this too!

Why is this so important for me? Because I have a long time thinking about the change of nickname there. And Vivaldi made own email service, so this is the good reason to use it for profile on I may be wrong, but I'm almost sure I checked ability to change nickname and email when VIvaldi told about synchronization. Everything was OK. And now they removed these features without warning of users! Are you sure that this's still browser for friends?

I know that almost everyone think that this is something small and unimportant. But such little things are often more important than something big. It would not be a problem if Vivali warned users that they would never be able to change their nickname and email. But they did not say anything. Very friendly! Now they ask me what title I want to use for my blog. But will I be able to change this title? Probably, nope.

My profile is my property. I am free to dispose of it as I want. I have the right to change information available to other users, hide or delete it. But Vivaldi took this right from me! I could wait for this from Google or someone else, but not from someone who called me friend!

I did nothing significant for Vivaldi community and my opinion seems not so important as opinion of army of fans. But this is not true! I don't use Vivaldi as default, but I like it. That's why opinion of people like me have to be much more important for developers. We're your potential users, we could use your browser, but we need something else. You need us! Because your fans will be with you anyway...

I want to appeal to Jon von Tetzchner, Vivaldi CEO. Try to undersand what I told about and why this's so importand for me. Give us ability to change nicknames, emails and other information about us. If this is impossible not, give us ability to delete our profiles. You should do this before sync will be able. You have to do this, because it will be fair. You know this!

This is real small problem and some other browsers have the same. But I want Vivaldi to be perfect. Because it really can be! And I don't want to leave you because of such insignificant issues...

That's all...
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